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At Celltell, we are passionate about technology and dedicated to providing our customers with the latest and most innovative electronic products to enhance their lives.

we believe in staying ahead of the curve. That’s why we tirelessly scour the market for the latest advancements in technology, ensuring that our customers have access to the newest gadgets and devices as soon as they hit the shelves. Whether it’s the latest smartphone, state-of-the-art home entertainment system, or cutting-edge smart home solutions, you’ll find it all here at Celltel.

Our Office

It was shaped like a chair and sparkled with gems, as did everything else. In the center of the chair was an enormous Head, without a body to support it or any arms or legs whatever.


258 New Design St, VIC 10000, Mohbola
+956 123123123
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We Love Our Clients

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a casual user, or a business professional, we has everything you need to stay connected and up-to-date in today’s fast-paced world of technology. Shop us today and experience the difference for yourself!

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